Christmas workout for winter sports

How to be ready for your Christmas holidays activities

Christmas doesn’t only mean gifts and decorations but also mountains, skiing and snowboarding!  Although these sports are seasonal this does not mean that physical preparation should be ignored.

In fact, these activities require a high level of endurance in addition to a good execution of technique. Many scientific studies have found a relationship between thigh muscle imbalances and increased risk of knee injury. The best routines have to simulate positions and movements that would be commonly executed when performing winter sport activities in addition to improving strength, endurance and aerobic capacities.

The first step is to select the best exercises that can simulate the winter sport. For example, if you will carry out alpine skiing, squats or training with a step simulator like the ‘Excite Climb’ by Technogym would be highly beneficial.

Whereas, if you will carry out cross country skiing or skating, some of the most beneficial exercises to perform would be lunges or to train with the elliptical trainer like Technogym’s ‘Synchro Forma’.

The second step is to choose the best training modality, as matter of fact alpine skiing requires more reactivity in comparison cross country skiing. On the contrary cross country skiing needs more strength and aerobic capacity than alpine skiing. On one hand, for alpine skiing a workout composed of high load and few repetitions combined with speed ladder exercises to improve reactivity is recommended. On the other hand, for cross country skiing the best workout would include exercises with a low load but a large number of repetitions to improve muscular endurance combined with long aerobic sessions to improve cardiovascular endurance.

Remember: the sooner you start, the greater the benefits will be! To achieve a significant increase in strength and aerobic capacity it is recommended to perform a specifically made routine regularly for a minimum of 3 months.