Договор на обслуживание


Maintain equipment performance at all times

This program is for the professional customer who wants periodic preventative maintenance and a full engineer’s report detailing all recommended works.

What are the benefits of a Program Contract?

  • Preventive maintenance visit by certified technicians detects faults before they can cause downtime.
  • Equipment operates at peak performance and availability is optimized.

Summary of the elements included

Enhance the coverage of our manufacturer warranty with additional services. Choose the terms that best suit your needs.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Parts for repair
Travel & Labour
Preventive Mainteinanceinfo +
Service Level Agreementinfo +
Parts subjects to wear and tear


*Any damage caused by misuse or by accident is not covered under the contract. Availability of each option depends on country in which service is requested and location of Authorized Service Provider. Service coverage may be subject to certain restrictions. Not available to trade customers. Full T&C’s are available on request. T&C’s attached to the contract supersede any statement made in this page.